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As an electrical engineer and researcher at Yale, I face challenges in this field everyday. With the pictures showed in this page I would like to show a face of technology that is not usually shown. Every technology we use in everyday life, is been trough a big process of engineering and experimentation, when was being invented. But the final user of this technologies, never really appreciate or see all this scientific effort, and it's almost taken for granted.
With these image I show the real face of development and technological growth, based con continuously facing new problems, and figuring out a way to solve them. 


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Engineering: Project

Silicon Photonics

This project is inspired by the work that I do at Yale in the EE PhD program. As an engineer I generally struggle with problems and I'm always looking for a way to fix them. But sometimes I like to take a step back and look ad the randomness of the error that I encounter in the process and I find it very fascinating, abstract and artistic. 
This is a series of images taken from some of the silicon chip that I fabricated, that from a functional point of view present problems.
This images shows the true heart of engineering and technology itself, which is developing new ideas and solving problems to make things better. Once a product is finished and is working, its evolving process is completed. But when an object is in the developing phase it is constantly evolving into a better system, and in the same time not finished. 

Engineering: Text

Microscope image of a photonic integrated circuit based on Si3N4 and SiO2. The non- symmetrical shapes are created by a non uniform bonding of a SiO2 wafer on top of the device, followed by spin coating of PMMA.

Microscope image of a cracked layer of FOX16 spin coated on a silicon chip. The layer cracked after a fast temperature treatment of 1 minute up to a 1000°C.

Engineering: Pro Gallery

Microscope images of straight waveguides, spiral waveguides, and ring resonators on a photonic integrated circuit based on Si3N4 on SiO2. Some images show fabrication errors.

Microscope image of a PMMA spin coated on a silicon chip. The PMMA contained some small debris that created the non uniform shapes.

Microscope image of PMMA spin coated on a dirty silicon chip.