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Engineer and Artist based in New Haven, CT.​
My passion for art started when I first discovered photography in 2011. I experimented with different techniques and cameras, photographing the sites as I traveled. Currently, I’m focusing on street photography in both digital and analogue.
In 2017, I felt the need to go beyond the window of reality offered by photography, and I started painting to explore my inner self. As a self-taught painter, I let myself be guided toward a style that I feel more and more mine. My paintings are subdivided in series that represent different phases of my life. My passion for art is strongly opposed to my professional career, in fact I’m an electrical engineer, currently working as a researcher at Yale University.
The process I follow working as an engineer is almost the opposite of the way I make art. In art I can ‘feel’ a painting and for every little action that I do I can experience directly a visible and tangible result. Quite the opposite can be said for engineering and research, where to have a visible result multiple steps and days are needed.When I paint I get completely immersed in the process and forget about the rest. This is why painting is very important for me to escape from the everyday.
I find very interesting creating something just for the pleasure of doing it, something that has no practical use in everyday life, but it only serves to be observed. 

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